Asterisk Telecoms Billing

The hosted telecoms billing software from redware research supports a number of call provider options including resellers deploying Asterisk to customers or running a hosted Asterisk service.

The process of provisioning your customer and pricing information is the same whether you are billing call detail records from a traditional telecoms provider such as BT Wholesale or Verizon and Cable and Wireless or taking call details from a file on your Asterisk system.

Please visit and log on as user demo with password demo to try out our system and view our training videos.

Many suppliers of Asterisk-based telephony route calls out through a provider and it is usually best to use the call details records from the provider for billing as these provide a single source of data for all your customers and often contain the cost of the call. It is easy to mix several sources of call data with the redware billing system.

One major consideration is fraud. You may need a daily process to monitor potential fraud by summarising call volumes daily for each customer and looking for any significant increase particularly at the start of a holiday weekend. Analysing for fraud is a simple process but requires access to daily call details. Our billing system allows you to process both daily fraud control call details and monthly billing call details data but our maintenance fee is reduced if you perform these checks using your own systems. We can give you advice on the best way to proceed.

You can rely on redware Telecoms billing if you use Asterisk and large users of Asterisk may want to use our billing platform to monitor and allocate telecoms costs internally by department. Whatever your requirements, please email or call Stamati Crook on 0845 3010 444. Intenational customers might like to call us on +44 (0) 203 179 9444 and yes, we do support all currencies.